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Eligibility criteria and benefits of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


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English: Manitoba Province within Canada. Espa...

English: Manitoba Province within Canada. Español: Provincia de Manitoba en Canadá. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Manitoba Province within Canada. Español: Provincia de Manitoba en Canadá. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Posted on October 7, 2013
Canada is one of the most sought after countries for skilled workers. The country has long since attracted highly skilled professionals with its Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program and other Study and works Visas.
The Canadian Visa Processing is stringent and highly monitored. However, it has launched Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) which makes easier for skilled workers to move to and work in Canada.
The main idea behind these PNPs is to attract skilled professionals to specific provinces of Canada so that they can work in the country and the province can be benefited from the immigrants’ skill. This will provide with easy Canada Immigration for individuals and the province will have a surge in its economy through the immigrants.
Manitoba is one of the provinces of Canada and the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program is one of the best programs that the Government of Canada offers to skilled workers looking for migrating to Canada.
Eligibility criteria for Manitoba PNP:
Currently, there are two paths to Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program:
1. Working in Manitoba at present: Temporary Foreign Workers already working in the province can apply for MPNP. Also, a foreign student graduate who has been working full-time for a minimum of 6 months and whose employer has extended a long-term, full-time job ca also apply for the program. Individuals applying under this should be working in Manitoba at the time of applying for Manitoba PNP.
2. Overseas Skilled Workers: Applications are accepted from highly skilled workers who gain enough points for adaptability and employability based on 5 factors –English proficiency, age, work experience, Connection to Manitoba and Education.
Nominating individuals for the Canada PR Visa is solely at the discretion of the Province of Manitoba. This will be based on the Manitoba PNP’s assessment of the applicant’s probability of having a establishing oneself as a successfully economic independent skilled worker with the genuine ability and intention to settle in Manitoba with permanent residency.
There are two primary reasons that attract individuals toward Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program which are:
1. Canada Permanent Residence: Through this program, individuals can apply for Canada Permanent Residency (PR). A Permanent Residence gives an individual almost equal status to a citizen of Canada and after a few years of living in the country and fulfilling a few norms, a PR holder can even apply for Citizenship.
2. Expedited Processing: Individuals who are ‘nominated’ by the Manitoba Government have the option of preparing a separate application that accelerates their Visa Processing.
So, these are the eligibility criteria and benefits of applying for a Canada PR through Manitoba PNP. For a hassle free processing of your Visa documentation, contact ‘Opulentus – The Visa Company’. We have an experience of over 12 years and out expert consultants provide excellent advice on Study Visas, Work Visas, Visit Visas and more.
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