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Information for foreign-trained respiratory therapists


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Information on requirements to practise

The profession of respiratory therapist is regulated Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. In these provinces, it is illegal to practise the profession of respiratory therapist without being licensed as a full member in the relevant provincial regulatory body. Provincial regulatory bodies of respiratory therapists are responsible for setting the standards for entry into the profession and for issuing licences to those who meet established standards of qualifications and practice. Applicants in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario must pass the registration exam set by the Canadian Board for Respiratory Care, or for Quebec, l’Épreuve Synthèse du Programme.

In those provinces and territories where the profession is not regulated, employers still require respiratory therapists (RTs) to have completed RT education in an accredited program, passed the national registration exam, and be a member of the Canadian Society for Respiratory Therapy (CSRT). The CSRT is a professional association for all RTs in Canada, and the credentialing body for RTs in non-regulated jurisdictions. Becoming a CSRT member allows RTs in non-regulated jurisdictions to use the title of registered respiratory therapist (RRT).

Information on assessment of qualifications

Once you know where you will settle and work in Canada, you should contact the provincial regulatory body (see list below). For non-regulated provinces (British Columbia and Prince Edward Island), contact the CSRT for further information about assessment procedures. Although these associations will provide information on requirements to practise, they are not set up to assess foreign credentials prior to your arrival in Canada.

Foreign-trained respiratory therapists may contact the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists for information about their assessment mechanism for foreign qualifications.


Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT)
331 Cooper St., Suite 400
Ottawa ON   K2P 0G5   Canada
Phone : 613-731-3164
Phone (alternate): 1-800-267-3422
Fax : 613-521-4314
Email : info@csrt.com


You may also consult our Fact Sheet No. 2, which has been compiled to help individuals learn more about how to obtain an assessment of their qualifications for employment purposes in Canada. We draw to your attention the list of evaluation services in question 4 in this fact sheet. Although these services offer expert advice on how qualifications obtained abroad compare with credentials obtained in a Canadian province or territory, the evaluation is advisory only and does not guarantee recognition of your qualifications for employment or certification purposes in Canada.


Information on assessment for immigration purposes, under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is an immigration program administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the department responsible for immigration to Canada.

CIC has listed this profession (NOC 3214) as an eligible occupation under the FSWP. To apply for immigration to Canada under this program, one of the requirements* is to obtain an “Educational Credential Assessment” (ECA) for immigration purposes from a CIC-designated organization. We invite you to communicate directly with one of the designated organizations to begin this process from outside Canada.

*It is important to note that this requirement is for immigration purposes only. It is separate from the process to obtain a license to practice from the relevant regulatory body listed below. Obtaining a license to practice is not required to apply for immigration.

Other relevant information

For a general description of duties and employment requirements, you can refer to the information prepared by Human Resources Development Canada regarding:

Specific Provincial/Territorial Information


 flechevertehaut.gif List of regulatory bodies



College and Association of Respiratory Therapists of Alberta (CARTA)
6715-8th Street N.E., Suite 370
Calgary AB   T2E 7H7   Canada
Phone : 403-274-1828
Phone (alternate): 1-800-205-2778
Fax : 403-274-9703
Email : Denise.Holmberg@carta.ca


Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists (MARRT)
206 – 629 McDermot Ave
Winnipeg MB   R3A 1P6    Canada
Phone : 204-944-8081
Email : register@marrt.org

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Association of Respiratory Therapists (NBART)
500 St. George St.
Moncton NB   E1C 1Y3   Canada
Phone : 506-389-7813
Phone (alternate): 1-877-334-1851
Fax : 506-389-7814
Email : info@nbart.ca

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador College of Respiratory Therapists (NLCRT)
Suite 133, Unit 50 Hamlyn Road Plaza
St. John’s NL   A1E 5X7   Canada
Phone : 709-777-5707
Fax : 709-368-8830
Email : nlcrt@nlcrt.ca

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia College of Respiratory Therapy (NSCRT)
Suite 700 – 6009 Quinpool Road
Halifax NS   B3K 5J7   Canada
Phone : 902-425-2445
Fax : 902-425-2441
Email : registrar@nscrt.com


College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO)
180 Dundas Street West, Suite 2103
Toronto ON   M5G 1Z8   Canada
Phone : 416-591-7800
Phone (alternate): 1-800-261-0528
Fax : 416-591-7890
Email : questions@crto.on.ca


Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec (OPIQ)
721 – 1440 Ste-Catherine Ouest
Montréal QC   H3H 1R8   Canada
Phone : 514-931-2900
Phone (alternate): 1-800-561-0029
Fax : 514-931-3621
Email : info@opiq.qc.ca


Saskatchewan College of Respiratory Therapists (SCRT)
218-408 Broad Street
Regina SK   S4R 1X3   Canada
Phone : 1-877-789-3359
Fax : 306-789-3358
Email : info@scrt.ca


 flechevertehaut.gif List of professional associations


British Columbia

British Columbia Society of Respiratory Therapists (BCSRT)
P.O.. Box 4760
Vancouver BC   V6B 4A4   Canada
Phone : 604-623-2227
Email : secretary.bcsrt@gmail.com


Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario (RTSO)
160-2 County Court Blvd., Suite 440
Brampton ON   L6W 4V1   Canada
Phone : 647-729-2717
Phone (alternate): 1-855-297-3089
Fax : 647-729-2715
Email : office@rtso.ca
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