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Number of international students studying in Canada up 17%

Published on 18/09/18
The total number of international students studying in Canada, at all levels, increased by 17 percent to 494,525 in 2017, according to the latest Research in a Brief report by the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE).
The report, which aimed to illuminate key trends with regards to the level of study, province or territory of study and country of citizenship, found that the greatest proportion (40 percent) of international students came from East Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).
However, while the number of students from South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.) grew considerably (up from 16 to 27 percent in 2017), the number of students originating from East Asia decreased, down seven percentage points since 2015.
CBIE’s research acknowledged Canada’s diverse international student population, with 186 nationalities represented in 2017. However, it noted that diversity had declined in recent years, with 67 percent of all international students originating from the top five countries of citizenship: China, India, South Korea, France, and Vietnam.
In 2017, there were 494,525 international students in Canada at all levels of study (based on valid study permits and work permits).
Vietnam (+89) experienced the most dramatic growth in student numbers in 2017, said CBIE, followed by India (+63), Iran (+45), Bangladesh (+41) and Brazil (+28). Country sources new to the top 15 included Bangladesh and Taiwan.
Looking at where international students were studying, 84 percent were enrolled in the three most popular provinces for inbound students: Ontario (48), British Columbia (24) and Quebec (12). However, Ontario and Manitoba showed year-on-year growth, up four and one points respectively, while Quebec declined slightly from 14 to 12 percent.
Fifty-five percent of all international students studying in Canada were hosted in Toronto (up 23 percent), followed by Vancouver (up 17 percent) and Montreal (up 11 percent). In fact, all of the top 15 host census metropolitan areas experienced a year-over-year increase, said CBIE.
Regarding the level of study, 75 percent of international students were enrolled in the post-secondary study (370,710), of which 57 percent were studying at a university, 41 percent at a college and two percent at a CEGEP, a publicly funded pre‑university and technical college in Quebec. The remainder comprised students studying at primary or secondary school level (15 percent) and those pursuing ‘other studies’ (10 percent).
China remains Canada’s top source country for university programmes (74,260). However, India (25,575) replaced France (16,115) as the second most common country of citizenship. Meanwhile, India was the top source country for college-run programmes (86,900), a number which continues to increase at a rapid rate (up 67 percent in 2016), said CBIE.
China was the most common country of citizenship of international students at the secondary level (28,540). However, the number of Vietnamese continued to grow, doubling in size in just one year. South Korea was the top source at primary level (3,265), with Brazil increasing its supply (up 63 percent).
“Due to varied and evolving push and pull factors, international students are choosing Canada as their study destination in unprecedented numbers. Uncertainty and higher cost in traditional top receiving countries as well as lack of access to stable and quality education in their countries of citizenship have compelled a growing number of students to seek alternative study destinations,” said CBIE.
The province of Ontario was the top host for international students.
“Canada continues to be perceived globally as a country of welcome and stability in addition to offering quality and affordable education, making Canada an attractive choice for prospective international students.”
In 2017, Canadian government’s International Education Strategy goal of receiving 450,000 international students by 2022 was surpassed five years early.
StudyTravel Magazine carries out annual surveys of secondary schools and ELT providers in Canada, highlighting average course and accommodation fees, student recruitment markets and methods.
Source: https://studytravel.network/magazine/news/0/26013?utm_source=Agents&utm_campaign=82b89634d9-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_09_20_10_33_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a8def066da-82b89634d9-85563565

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: Newfoundland and Labrador Designated Employers

The Government of Canada encourages foreign workers who make use of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot to ensure the employer has been officially designated. All job offers from designated employers must be endorsed by their respective province before the foreign worker can apply for Canadian permanent resident status through the pilot. 
So far, Newfoundland and Labrador is the only participating province that provides a list of its designated employers, which is listed below.
Employer                                                                                                                              Location
10113 Newfoundland Limited o/a Mary Brown’s Clarenville
10162 NFLD Limited DBA o/a Marsh Motor Sports Grand Falls-Windsor
10464 Newfoundland Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant St. John’s
10565 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North Happy Valley Goose Bay
10566 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North St. Anthony
10567 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North Happy Valley Goose Bay
4411617 Canada Inc. o/a Lasik MD St. John’s
61065 NL Inc. o/a The Golden Years Estate Gander
71036 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a Cabot Auto Happy Valley Goose Bay
73984 Newfoundland Labrador Inc. o/a The Reluctant Chef St. John’s
77299 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a 4 Pillars – St. John’s St. John’s
A Better Living Home Care St. John’s
A Plus Auto Service Centre St. John’s
Aditya Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Extreme Pita St. John’s
Amity Foods Inc. o/a Tim Hortons St. John’s
Association For New Canadians St. John’s
Association francophone du Labrador Labrador City
Atlantic Grocery Distributors Ltd. Bay Roberts
Atlantican General Trading Inc. Mount Pearl
Auto Impact Solutions Limited Grand Falls-Windsor
Avalon Tech & Tailor Inc. St. John’s
Awesome enterprises Ltd. o/a Acropolis Pizza Mount Pearl
Beachside Manor Ltd. Placentia
Beaufort Solutions Inc. St. John’s
Bemister’s Janitorial Services Inc. St. John’s
Bennett’s Limited o/a Ultramar Happy Valley Goose Bay
Bhaskar Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Dairy Queen MUN Campus St. John’s
Birdhouse Garden Market Inc. Happy Valley Goose Bay
BJH Enterprises Inc. o/a Wing’ n It Kenmount Road St. John’s
Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc. St. John’s
Body Works St. John’s 2012 Ltd. St. John’s
Bogart’s Jewelry Ltd. St. John’s
Boutcher Holdings Inc. o/a Tim Hortons Corner Brook
Briarside Holdings Ltd. o/a Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic Corner Brook
Bugden Enterprises o/a Mary Brown’s Restaurant CBS
Canton Restaurant St. John’s
Caregivers Inc. o/a Blue Sky Family Care St. John’s
Carol Automobile Ltd. Labrador City
CBS Foods Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant CBS
CG Aberdeen Holdings Inc. o/a Harvey’s Restaurant St. John’s
Chinched Bistro St. John’s
Citrus Marketing Inc. o/a Newfoundland Canvas St. John’s
City Light Holdings Inc. St. John’s
City Trust and Mortgage Company Ltd. St. John’s
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant Clarenville
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Shamrock City Pub Clarenville
Collision Clinic Ltd. St. John’s
Connie Parsons School of Dance Ltd. St. John’s
Connor Madyson Enterprises o/a Tim Hortons Paradise
Corner Brook Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation Corner Brook
Cosmos Enterprises Ltd. o/a Newfound Cabs St. John’s
Culinary Creations Inc. Corner Brook
DASH Foods Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s St. Anthony
Dental Crafts Ltd. Mount Pearl
Dr. Rehan Malik Labrador City
Dr. Chandrasegaram Labrador Professional Dental Corporation Happy Valley Goose Bay
Dr. Hans and Dr. Hans PMC Inc. Labrador City
Dr. Nagaanand Dental Inc. St. John’s
Dr. Parekh Dentistry Professional Corporation o/a Exploits Valley Dental Office Grand Falls-Windsor
Dr. Vikram Vasamreddy Dentistry Professional Corporation Labrador City
D’s Landing Inc. Happy Valley Goose Bay
East Coast Sushi Restaurant Inc. St. John’s
East End Tailoring Ltd. St. John’s
Em-K Investments o/a Burger King St. John’s
Empowered Homes Inc. St. John’s
Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd. Gander
Fisherman’s Landing Inn Rocky Harbour
Flynn Canada Ltd. Mount Pearl
FMI Atlantic Inc o/a KFC New Brunswick
Focenco Ltd. o/a Colemans St. John’s/Mount Pearl
Fonemed North America Inc. St. John’s
Froyd Services Ltd. o/a A&W Restaurant Happy Valley Goose Bay
Fytics Inc. St. John’s
Gander Flight Training Ltd. Gander
Genoa Design International St. John’s
GillCo Enterprises Inc. o/a City Centre Pharmacy St. John’s
Glovertown Shipyards (2010) Ltd. Glovertown
Goulds Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant Goulds
Grace Hotel Ltd. Hopedale
Green Bay Fibre Products Ltd. King’s Point
Green Food Industries Inc. Paradise
Gros Morne Trading Post Ltd. Daniel’s Harbour
GWG Investments o/a Red Pepper Mongolian Grill St. John’s
H&M Food Inc. St. John’s
Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd. Harbour Grace
Harmonie Foods Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons St. John’s
Humber Nurseries Ltd. Corner Brook
I.C Pizza House Inc. St. John’s
J. Shiref Sales Ltd. Mount Pearl
J.Co Holdings Inc. o/a Kelseys 7120 St. John’s
Jin Dragon Restaurant Holding Inc. St. John’s
K & B Atlantic Inc. o/a Milestones St. John’s
K&R Holdings Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s, Avalon Mall St. John’s
Kelly’s Body Zone Happy Valley Goose Bay
Kelsey Drive Pizza Inc. o/a Boston Pizza St. John’s
Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. St. John’s
L&H Tucker Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons St. Anthony
Labrador Donut o/a Tim Hortons Labrador City
Labrador-Grenfell Health Happy Valley Goose Bay
Letto’s Enterprises Ltd. o/a Northern Light Inn L’anse au Clair
Magic Wok Ltd. St. John’s
Mandarin Mart St. John’s
MAR Investment Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons St. John’s
Marble Resort Development Ltd. Corner Brook
Maritime Jewellers Labrador City
Memorial University St. John’s
Mercer Investments o/a Mary Brown’s CBS
Mercury Services Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight Clarenville
MHD Enterprises Incorporated o/a Wing’n It Gander Gander
Mobile Tire Service NL Inc. o/a TireTec St. John’s
Mohamed Ali’s Restaurant St. John’s
Momavie DMML Inc. o/a The MoMavie Center St. John’s
Nails Time Inc. St. john’s
New Moon Inc. St. John’s
Newfound Resources Ltd. St. John’s
Newfoundland Multi Foods Ltd. o/a Multi Foods Ltd. Happy Valley Goose Bay
Newont Ltd. o/a Burger King St. John’s
NGA Outsourcing Canada Inc. o/a NGA Human Resources St. John’s
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Bentleys Restaurant Happy Valley Goose Bay
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Maxwell’s Lounge Happy Valley Goose Bay
O’Brien’s Sales and Service Ltd. L’Anse Au Loup
Orkin Canada Corp. St. John’s
P and B Enterprises o/a Hotel Alexis Port Hope Simpson
PAL Aerospace Ltd. St. John’s
Peninsula Donuts Inc. o/a Tim Hortons Marystown
Pennecon Ltd. St. John’s
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd. St. John’s
Philrobben Janitorial Ltd. Paradise
Pride Restaurant Enterprise Inc. o/a Greco Pizza St. John’s
Principal Holdings Ltd. St. John’s
Proper Care Services Inc. Happy Valley Goose Bay
Provincial Advisory Council The Status of Woman, NL St. John’s
Puldin Enterprises Inc. o/a Venice Pizzeria St. John’s
R&R Coffee Ltd o/a Tim Hortons Gander
Rashmi Holdings Inc. St. John’s
Red and Yellow Cabs Inc. St. John’s
ROM Group Ltd. St. John’s
RTS Janitorial Maintenance Inc. Paradise
S&J Investments Inc. o/a Mary Brown’s Holyrood
Seadrill Canada St. John’s
Shirley’s Haven Inc. Catalina
Small Holdings Ltd. o/a Smitty’s Restaurant Mount Pearl
So & Associates Ltd. o/a The UPS Store St. John’s
Solace Power Inc. Mount Pearl
Square meals Inc. o/a Smitty’s Family Restaurant St. John’s
Stavanger Drive Pizza Company o/a Boston Pizza St. John’s
Sunrise Ventures Inc. o/a Tim Horton’s Mount Pearl
Suraj Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a BuckWeavers St. John’s
Surya Holdings Inc. o/a Extreme Pita St. John’s
Sushi Nami George Street Restaurant Incorporated St. John’s
Sushi Shokunin Inc. St. John’s
Sutherland Investments (2017) Inc. o/a Tim Hortons Grand Falls-Windsor
Tai Hong Restaurant Clarenville
Terry’s Tents & Shoe Repair Limited Happy Valley Goose Bay
TGY Estate Ltd. o/a The Golden Years Estate Grand Falls-Windsor
The New Vogue Furriers Ltd. St. John’s
Them Days Incorporated Happy Valley Goose Bay
Thunder Rode Ent. Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons Happy Valley Goose Bay
Tilt House Bakery Portugal Cove, St. Philips
Torbay Fun Foods o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant St. John’s
Trinity Hospitality Services St. John’s/Gander
United Foods Inc. o/a McDonald’s Family Restaurant Grand Falls-Windsor
Urban Flooring Contractors Ltd. Mount Pearl
Viking Carpentry and Construction Ltd. Mount Pearl
W.J. Dober Limited Marystown
Wabush Convenience Store Limited Wabush
WDI Coffee Incorporated o/a Tim Hortons Paradise
West End Foods ltd. o/a Jungle Jim’s Restaurant St. John’s
Wiseman’s Funeral Homes Ltd. Marystown
Work Global Canada Inc. St. John’s
Yellow Belly Brewery Ltd. St. John’s
Ye’s Wok Restaurant (Newfoundland & Labrador Inc.)


Source: https://www.canadavisa.com/atlantic-immigration-pilot-program-designated-employers.html?_ga=2.231632607.1308426243.1537583226-1824776428.1519318435#gs.qJnpKkY

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“How to Immigrate to Canada”online course

I’m excited to announce the launch of How to Immigrate to Canada my 49-lectures online Udemy course.

How to Immigrate to Canada” course has been developed to assist International trained professionals like you to learn how you can become eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency via the Express Entry System under the different immigration programs available In Canada and what you will require in order to begin your application.

This course includes a basic overview of the Express Entry system, the different eligible immigration programs, the required language and acceptance tests.
 It also covers some resources design to assist professional immigrants to navigate the Canadian labor market and secure employment.
By the end of this course, you will know some of the strategies and resources used in your immigration journey, job search in Canada and how to integrate into the Canadian labor market and start your new life in the True North.
The course covers the following themes:
·          How to be eligible for the different Canadian Immigration programs.
·          How to apply using the Express Entry system.
·          How to understand the accreditation procedure for your occupation in Canada.
·          How to integrate into the Canadian Labor Market and get a job.
·          How to implement Pre-arrival strategies.
·          How to use settlement services for better opportunities.
·          How to sponsor your family members.

This course is for internationally trained professionals with an intermediate level of English or French.
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With jobs but no workers, Manitoba community recruits through provincial immigration program

One of Canada’s 1st experiments to match foreign workers with specific jobs began 20 years ago.

Karen Pauls, Brett Purdy · CBC News · 

Skills Immigration & Express Entry BC Invitations Issued

The BC PNP has issued invitations to apply to qualified registrants in Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC categories. 


Periodically, we invite the highest scoring registrants in each category to apply to the BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). We then nominate successful applicants to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent residency.
This page shows the number of invitations issued.

Which categories require invitations?

We invite registrants in the following categories:
  • Skills Immigration — Skilled Worker
  • Skills Immigration — International Graduate
  • Skills Immigration — Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
  • Express Entry BC — Skilled Worker
  • Express Entry BC — International Graduate
  • Entrepreneur Immigration
HealthCare Professional and International Post-Graduate applicants under the Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC streams do not need an invitation to apply. Please apply directly via BCPNP Online.

For more information on the invitation and application process, please refer to the Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC Program Guide.

Canada and Australia Announce Amendment to Youth Mobility Arrangement

News release

Expanded age range will give young Canadians the opportunity to travel and work in Australia through the International Experience Canada program

August 28, 2018—Ottawa, ON
The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and the Honourable Peter Dutton, Australia’s Minister for Home Affairs, today announced an agreement to expand the age range in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Canada and Australia concerning Youth Mobility. Through the amended MoU, Canadian and Australian young adults aged 18 to 35 will now be able to work and travel through the International Experience Canada (IEC) program.
Reflective of our strong people-to-people ties, Australia is a major source of foreign participants in IEC and Australia is consistently the top destination for Canadian youth through the program. Increasing the eligible age from 30 to 35 will provide for more opportunities for experienced professionals from both countries to gain valuable skills in a global work environment.
The IEC program facilitates the process for young people to gain valuable international work experience and travel abroad. There are 34 destinations available to young Canadians looking for international work experience with IEC’s partner countries and territories.


“I am pleased that we have agreed to amend this MoU with Australia and further strengthen the great relationship between our two countries. International travel and work allows our youth to immerse themselves in a different culture and develop life skills, all while improving their employability back home. This expanded age range will give more young adults from Canada and Australia the opportunity to broaden their perspective of the world and gain professional work experience while traveling.”
– The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Quick facts

  • IEC originated in 1965 as a cultural exchange between Canada and Germany. In 1967, following the success of the initiative, Canada proceeded to create an international travel and exchange program. More than 50 years later, Canada continues its commitment to fostering cultural exchanges between young people.
  • More than 200,000 Canadians have taken advantage of the work and travel experiences offered through the International Experience Canada program, and many return to Canada with life-changing experiences valuable to both their personal and professional lives.
  • There are three categories of participation under the program:
    1. Working Holiday participants receive open work permits that allow them to work anywhere in the host country, to support their travels.
    2. International Co-op participants receive employer-specific work permits that allow students to gain targeted experience in their field of study.
    3. Young Professionals participants receive an employer-specific work permit to gain targeted, professional work experience that is within their field of study or career path.
Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2018/08/canada-and-australia-announce-amendment-to-youth-mobility-arrangement.html
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